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Great Speakers are not BORN.

They are MADE.

Confidence, Influence and Clarity are the Essence of Great Leadership

Unleash you and your team's full communication potential using classic theatrical techniques and modern business approaches

In 2 Days you will…
  1. Identify and Refine a compelling core message.
  2. Craft a metaphor that will bring your presentation to life.
  3. Learn the ancient secrets of great speakers.
  4. Use techniques that engage the imagination of an audience.
  5. Facilitate audience feedback with confidence.
  6. Master your body language and public persona.
  7. Be a motivating and inspiring leader.
  8. Be confident and compelling as a public speaker!!!

Your team will…
  1. Clarify the values, vision, and mission.
  2. Work together to support each other's development.
  3. Show up with a powerful unified message.
  4. Have fun learning important skills.
  5. Grow trust that is focused and personal.

Invest in your future.

Contact us to commit to your future success as a compelling leader.

You can be a great speaker.

As a highly regarded Performance Coach, David Butler combines his initial career as a professional actor and stage director with his extensive experience in personal and corporate transformation initiatives. In Organization Development-Management Consulting, he has established himself as an authority in leadership development, executive coaching, teaming and communication skills. Mr. Butler frequently appears as a guest speaker on these subjects, and his extensive client list includes many Fortune 100 companies.

Oliver Butler is a New York theater director who has focused on bringing the power of the theatrical arts to the corporate world. He has directed both in New York and regionally, and can translate the skills of the theater world to the needs of the corporate leader. Oliver specializes in making the WorkLife Communication Arts Workshops an exciting experience that will build trust within your team, and leave each individual with practical skills that can be used immediately.