Who We Are


WorkLife™ Consulting is a nimble, adaptive team of executives with experience in Fortune 500, start-up and turnaround environments. For over 30 years, we’ve coached and consulted across an array of industries. We’ve accumulated an eclectic list of prestigious clients in multiple markets, due in no small part to the breadth of our knowledge, our varied interests and our proven, replicable and growth-stimulating methods. Our industry experience includes healthcare, insurance, petroleum, utilities and manufacturing, as well as the education and nonprofit sectors.


Our Approach

We don’t just advise on strategy. We plug seamlessly into existing teams, and collaborate to advance the larger vision.



The Worklife™ Method

Teams are comprised of individuals. Individuals are comprised of personalities, aspirations, and unique perspectives. Optimize each toward their role.



Our Services

WorkLife™ interfaces on a one-to-one and whole-team basis across all major functional areas to drive change.