Without further ado...

WorkLife’s Executive Consultants are available to keynote mission-critical events, as well as lead luncheons and full-day seminars.

Diverse topics delivered with humor

WorkLife’s speakers boast a broadcast legacy and roots in classical theater. We use our deep and abiding appreciation for presentation style and audience engagement to deliver motivating words and can’t-get-it-anywhere-else business insight. Choose from a list of topics or come to use with your own.

A kickoff, lunch'n learn, or a whole day experience

From Leadership, Strategy and Visioning to Stress Management, Fun in the Workplace and Creativity, we’ve got the keynote content you need to satisfy both your management objectives and your colleagues’ expectations.

Topics Include:

  • Developing Presence & Presentation Skills

  • Worklife 2.0: Getting Connected

  • Political Savvy: Do you have it? How do you get it?

  • What is Strategic Networking?

  • The Impact of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) on Personal Branding

  • Building Mentoring Relationships:

  • The Why, the What and the How

  • Leadership in Times of Uncertainty: The Power of Stories

  • The Copernican Shift: Navigating the New Revolution in Business

  • Fun in the Workplace

  • Fun is Serious Business

  • What Planet are You From? How Style and Difference Affect Communication

  • To the Moon and Back: Visions and Goals that Measure the Best of Us

  • Enrich your Talent Visibility