“This program has helped encourage frank discussion about different work styles. Helping the group understand each other better has allowed for more productive discussions and moving projects forward more efficiently.”

- Director, Abbott Nutrition

“Building productive relationships is a core competency of successful leaders. Laura Butler’s presentation on strategic networking really shone through inher engaging workshop on the subject. She provided a fun and interactive approach to helping the attendees increase their effectiveness and comfort on the whole topic of networking.”

- Executive Director, WELD
(Women for Economic and Leadership Development)

“It was the fact that I gained a voice, and the confidence to convey my thoughts to my manager that made him see all that I had to offer. It's amazing how the program helped me to wake up the spirited me again. I am now a Manager and hope to become a Director in the near future.”

- Manager, Data Management & Governance, Cardinal Health

“I have worked with career coaches before and I have done a plethora of assessments including: aptitude testing, strength finders, and Myers-Briggs. All of these assessments have provided me with limited insight and direction. Laura uses the Birkman assessment as a foundation for coaching. This powerful tool not only looks at your strengths but also uncovers your needs and stress behaviors. Laura is an expert in helping you utilize the Birkman results to create the life and career that you want. Laura’s leadership style is strong, supportive, and insightful.”

- Executive, GlaxoSmithKline

“In an organization where work and home life were viewed as separate and distinct (and increasingly competing for time), Dave’s insights helped us develop a deep understanding and respect that work and home are parts of the self that need to be integrated and balanced. This shift in understanding has been tremendously helpful to many in coping with the stress of unrelenting change in the workplace.”

- Sales Manager, Insurance Company

“Today we’re in the era of the leader as a coach. WorkLife helped us not only in learning and applying critical new coaching skills to make this transition, but also created the impetus and structure for managers to focus on their personal journeys. Dave and the WorkLife team helped us learn that being a good coach has as much benefit for the manager as it does for the employee being coached. That change in perspective has paid off tremendously in terms of the quality of employee development at all levels in the organization.”

- Vice President and General Manager, Pharmaceutical Organization

“Whereas past reorganizations were based on the management team’s assessment and direction, Dave’s work has created an environment where employees largely self-select for new opportunities. This change has had a significant positive impact on employee satisfaction and retention.”

- Manager, Healthcare Performance Management Company

“Competition for our best employees has continued to intensify in a tightening labor market. At the same time, we have had to accept that some employees do not fit into our future plans. The knowledge base and insights that Dave’s work has created has helped us create plans and incentives to attract and retain the best talent and also assist in the successful transition of employees that will not be a part of our future.”

- Manager, Pharmaceutical Organizational Development